SUbtitles for Actor : Laura Fraser
1. In the Cloud
Released • February 08,2018 • Thriller
The movie is about a tech company, which is developing software capable of uploading a person's consciousness and memories to a virtual space.
2. Castles in the Sky
Released • June 23,2014 • Biography / Drama / History / War
It is the mid-1930s and the storm clouds of WWII are forming in Germany. This film charts the work of Robert Watson Watt, the pioneer of Radar, and his hand-picked team of eccentric yet brilliant mete....
3. Dark Encounter
Released • October 24,2019 • Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
8 y.o. Maisie went missing in 1982 and a memorial is held a year later. That evening, strange lights, sounds etc. are observed in the woods outside. Aliens.