SUbtitles for Actor : Gabriel Byrne
1. In the Cloud
Released • February 08,2018 • Thriller
The movie is about a tech company, which is developing software capable of uploading a person's consciousness and memories to a virtual space.
2. Louder Than Bombs
Released • October 02,2015 • Drama
An upcoming exhibition celebrating photographer Isabelle Reed three years after her untimely death, brings her eldest son Jonah back to the family house - forcing him to spend more time with his fathe....
3. Vampire Academy
Released • February 07,2014 • Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Rose Hathaway is a dhampir, half-vampire and half-human, who is training to be a guardian at St Vladimir's Academy along with many others like her. There are good and bad vampires in their world: Moro....
4. All Things to All Men
Released • April 05,2013 • Crime / Thriller
A thief is caught up in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between a maverick cop and London crime boss.
5. Capital
Released • November 14,2012 • Drama
When the CEO of France's Phenix Bank collapses on the golf course, Machiavellian young executive Marc Tourneuil is crowned as his replacement. A whirlwind of ruthless ambition, power struggles, greed ....
6. I, Anna
Released • December 07,2012 • Drama / Thriller
A noir thriller told from the point of view of a femme fatale, who falls for the detective in charge of a murder case.