SUbtitles for Actor : Armand Assante
1. Darc
Released • May 01,2018 • Action / Thriller
To bring down a global human trafficking ring, an Interpol agent recruits the help of a brutal criminal with inside knowledge of the yakuza.
2. Con Man
Released • March 02,2018 • Crime / Drama
The story of Barry Minkow, a young charismatic business man who becomes a wealthy CEO by lying, cheating and stealing his way to the top.
3. You Can't Have It
Released • March 17,2017 • Thriller
When Bill Sullivan spends the last night of Mr. Phil's Bar hanging out with his friends, drinking, sex and murder ensue. Last call takes on a whole new meaning.
4. Stressed to Kill
Released • N/A • Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller
After suffering a violent heart attack, Bill is advised by his doctor to lower his blood pressure by eliminating the stresses from his life. Taking his doctor's advice literally, Bill starts killing e....
5. Hunting the Phantom
Released • N/A • Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi
Timur, a policeman whose career is on the rise, is forced to break the law in order to save his fiancée, Keira. In so doing, he also uncovers the conspiracy of a global corporation trying to gain con....
6. A Fine Step
Released • June 24,2014 • Drama
When an expert horseman (Luke Perry) suffers a traumatic accident with his top horse, he overcomes his injury with the help of a young girl who helps rehabilitate him and the horse